How To Import Pretty Links Data To BetterLinks?

If you have previously used Pretty Links as link shortening, and want to import that Pretty Links data to BetterLinks, you can easily do this just by following this step-by-step guide below. Let’s figure out how to import Pretty Links data to BetterLinks:  

Note: To import Pretty Links data, you have to export data from this plugin in CSV format. Follow this documentation to export links from Pretty Links. 

How To Import Pretty Links Data Through One-Click Migration #

The migration feature of BetterLinks allows you to import data from Pretty Links with just one click. If Pretty Links has already been activated, the migration button will appear on the dashboard. Click on the ‘Start Migration’  and all your data from Pretty Links will be successfully imported in BetterLinks. 

Import Pretty Links Data

How To Import Data Using CSV Files #

If you have already uninstalled Pretty Links, you can import data from Pretty Links by uploading CSV files. Follow this tutorial to to import Pretty Links Data using CSV files: 

Step 1: Navigate To BetterLinks Settings #

First, go to your WordPress dashboard. From BetterLinks , navigate to Settings → Tools . There you will find the option to import data of Pretty Links as shown below. 

Import Pretty Links

Step 2: Import Pretty Links Data   #

Now select Pretty Links, as you want to import data from there, and click on ‘Choose File’ to insert a previously downloaded file from your desktop. 

Import Pretty Links

Now hit the ‘Import File’ button to import Pretty Links data. Pretty Links data will be successfully imported into BetterLinks. Have a look at how your imported data will be displayed. 

Import Pretty Links

By following these simple steps this is how you can import Pretty Links data to BetterLinks easily and instantly. 
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