How To Configure Quick Link Creation In BetterLinks?

BetterLinks has introduced a freemium new feature called Quick Link Creation, allowing users to create short links quickly with just one click. This feature enhances the user experience by streamlining the process of link creation without admin access, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Quick Link Creation is designed to save time and effort, especially for users who need to manage multiple links for marketing campaigns or content distribution. Let’s see the step-by-step guide to configure quick link creation in BetterLinks.

How To Enable The Quick Link Creation Feature? #

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to configure Quick Link Creation with BetterLinks.

Note: Quick Link Creation is a freemium feature of BetterLinks. To use the Advanced options, you need to have the latest free and PRO versions installed and activated on your website. This feature is available from BetterLinks 2.0.0 and later and PRO 1.9.3 and later.

Step 1: Enable The Quick Link Creation #

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Betterlinks → Settings. Now, under the ‘Advanced Options’ tab, enable the ‘Quick Link Creation’ feature.

Quick Link Creation

Step 2: Check Available Link Options #

By default, in the ‘General’ tab the existing link options would be applied to your Quick Link Creation. If you need a customized Link Option only for the Quick Link Creation, it’s available in the BetterLinks PRO. 

Quick Link Creation

Step 3: Drag and Drop The Button #

Before you enable the drag-and-drop feature, make sure your browser’s bookmark bar/ bookmark toolbar is enabled. Now go to the ‘Quick Link Creation’ then drag and drop the button to the bookmark toolbar on your browser.

Quick Link Creation

Step 4: Create Short Links Quickly #

Now get into your preferred browser and open any website. When it’s opened just click on the ‘Quick Link Creation’ You’ll see the shortened link created instantly. Also, you’ll get to see the available link options for your created link.

Quick Link Creation

Step 5: Manage Your Quick Links #

All the links you’ve created through the ‘Quick Link Creation’ feature, to see them, go to ‘BetterLinks’ plugin and click on, ‘Manage Links.’ All the links you create will be in the default category, labeled as ‘Uncategorized’ with the PRO version you can create the category and select the links on the preferred category.

Quick Link Creation

Step 6: Advance Link Options #

With the PRO version of BetterLinks, you’ll get access to use link options you want for your quickly created link. Such as Redirection types (301, 302, 307), Social Share, No Follow, Sponsored, Parameter Forwarding,  etc.

Quick Link Creation

Step 7: Check Out The Link Options #

Once your link is created by the Quick Link Feature, you’ll get the detailed information of the quick link. 

Quick Link Creation

This is how you can easily create quick links just by dragging and dropping to the bookmark bar and simply clicking on it. By doing so, you can keep the important URLs in one place for easy access to them further.

Note: You can’t create a quick link on the quick link creation page itself. If you try to create it’ll show you the following, ‘Quick link creation is unavailable for this page

Quick Link Creation

Are you stuck or have any queries? Feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

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