What Is BetterLinks?

BetterLinks is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that works as a link shortener or advanced link management tool. If you are wondering what is BetterLinks, it is essentially a WordPress plugin that lets you create pretty, unique, branded links and promote your campaigns. It is most popular among people who are working on content marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO as it can also be used for creating multiple redirect links for your website.

With BetterLinks you can also track individual link analytics to measure your click-through rates and campaign performance. You can even integrate BetterLinks with Google Analytics, copy and share your shortened links from the dashboard with one click, and easily migrate from third-party plugins.

Find out more about BetterLinks and its exclusive link management features here.

What Is BetterLinks

To step up your link management process, install and activate BetterLinks.

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