How Do The Multiple Redirect Link Types Work?

BetterLinks is an all-in-one WordPress link shortener, redirection, and advanced link tracking or link management plugin that helps you to redirect links easily. Currently, BetterLinks is offering multiple redirect link types: 301 (Permanent), 307 (Temporary), and 302 (Temporary) redirect links. 

How Do The Multiple Redirect Link Types Function? #

Below you can find out how these multiple redirect link types function in BetterLinks.

301 redirects (Permanent): This 301 status means your website page has been permanently moved to another link. Suppose, you want to move your site to another domain. You can redirect all your pages to a new website using this type of redirection. When someone lands on your old website link, he would be automatically redirected to the new website if you use 301 redirects. 

multiple redirect link types

307 redirects (Temporary): If you want to move your website to another link temporarily, you can use 307 redirects. This status code indicates that the requested resource or website has been temporarily relocated. Your browser, not your server, generates this redirection response. 

302 redirects (Temporary): 302 redirects is another temporary redirection process that you can use to relocate your site to another link. This status code also indicates your site’s relocation for a temporary time. Your server generated the redirection response for 302 redirects, not your browser. 

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