UTM Builder: Why Should You Must Use It To Track Marketing Campaigns

To measure & track your marketing campaigns for your website, UTM builders have become the most essential and effective tool. The results of running campaigns with UTM builders are game-changing. If you have just launched your website, should you use it? Today you will find out the answers.

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Let’s Simplify What UTM Codes & UTM Parameter Is

To understand the UTM builder working process properly, then you have to get a clear idea about other related terms like UTM codes and parameters. Let’s take a look at the simplified view.

The parameters (tags) that are appended to a URL are called UTM Codes. On the other hand, UTM parameters are merely brief bits of code that you can insert into URLs, such as the links you post on social media. They make it simpler to trace clicks and traffic from a particular social media post or campaign since they offer details about the link’s positioning and objective.

Five UTM parameters are available for tracking:

Source: Potential clients are arriving from this traffic source, which includes Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

Examples: Facebook, Twitter, blog, newsletter, etc.
UTM code: utm_source

Medium: more detailed than the source and able to include additional information from social media, PPC, email, or even print.

Examples: cpc, organic_social
UTM code: utm_medium

Campaign: This is the reason people are visiting your URL, and it’s intended to complement the sales and marketing initiatives that your business is implementing.

Examples: summer_sale, free_trial
UTM code: utm_campaign

Term: A keyword that is frequently connected to sponsored advertisements and PPC. Terms keep note of the keyword(s) that the user used to find your page.

Examples: social_media, newyork_cupcakes
UTM code: utm_term

Content: Useful for tracking variance and several CTAs inside of a single piece. Monitoring A/B variation in emails or partner landing pages might be aided by content.

Examples: video_ad, text_ad, blue_banner, green_banner
UTM code: utm_content

5+ Bullet Proof Reasons To Must Use UTM Builder To Track Marketing Campaigns

All parameters and codes can seem confusing at the beginner level. Moreover, when you are continuously posting on social media platforms, what’s the need to track them using UTM builder? Here presenting the 5+ reasons that will compel you to go for a UTM builder.

1. Measure Social Media ROI

You may measure and demonstrate the worth of your social media efforts by adding parameters in the UTM builder to social media links. Your boss, clients, or other stakeholders can see how social media posts affect website traffic. You’ll see exactly how lead generation, traffic from referrals, and conversions work. The impact of society on business income can then be reported.

Data from UTM tracking can also be used to figure out how much it will cost to get a lead or a customer. Both of these figures are crucial for those within the firm who decide on budgets. You have a lot of information to work with in UTM parameters, allowing you to track success post-by-post. The distinction between bought and organic social media posts is very obvious. You can compute ROI more precisely as a result.

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2. Redefine Social Media Strategy

You can plainly determine which social media platforms are the most productive and economical by using UTM Builder. You can use such data to guide key decisions about where to concentrate your efforts (and budget). For instance, Twitter might drive more visitors to your page, while Facebook might generate more leads and conversions.

That knowledge can be used to develop goals that are both pertinent and practical. Next, monitor your development using UTM parameters.

3. For A/B Testing Your Action Plans

Split testing, sometimes referred to as A/B testing, enables you to verify and test your audience-targeting hypotheses. You shouldn’t always assume that general consensus applies to your brand at a specific time. For instance, Hootsuite recently discovered that its audience preferred posts without links on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Maybe you’ve always thought that videos perform better in social media posts. Does that apply to your audience, though?

This notion can be tested using UTM codes. Share two posts that are identical, one with and one without a video. Give each a UTM code for the relevant campaign content. You’ll quickly discover which increases traffic to your website.

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Of course, to validate a theory, you’ll need more than one test. If you discover that videos indeed perform the best, you can then test whether specific kinds of videos perform the best. To further hone your strategy, you might become even more specific.

4. Track Down Influencer Marketing Results

For many firms, influencer marketing is a crucial social media approach. However, tracking the ROI of influencer efforts can be difficult over time.

You can easily track how much traffic each influencer you deal with sends to your website by using a special UTM tag. To determine precisely which influencer postings are most successful, use UTM codes. This aids in determining which influencers have the potential for long-term collaborations.

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5. Maintaining Campaign Preset For Multiple Posts

Administrators and super admins on Hootsuite Team, Business, and Enterprise plans can create a campaign preset that stores UTM codes. The preset can then be quickly and easily applied by each team member to a campaign post.

By doing this, you can avoid having to manually type in each parameter. Additionally, it avoids the chance of inadvertently skewing your results by using slightly different codes.

Additionally to a default preset that will be used for all links published in your social media posts, you can create presets specifically for campaigns. All team members can use the presets once you’ve set them up.

6. Accurately Track Paid Online Campaigns

Paid online marketing campaigns are a successful strategy for growing your business, but if they are accurately tracked, they can be more profitable. You can evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of your online marketing strategies by tracking your marketing activities.

The campaign tracking data is still an important resource for your company even if your online initiatives are not as effective as you had anticipated. Why? The information from the campaigns that fell short of their predetermined objectives is all included in this data. You can use this data to determine what has to be changed in upcoming online marketing in order to get the desired outcomes.

How To Track Marketing Campaigns With UTM Builder From BetterLinks?

Now that you know the compelling reasons for using UTM builder and tracking your marketing campaigns, I hope you will go ahead and use it. Now the concern is how to implement them. If your website is WordPress built, then you can implement a UTM builder with all your pages and post UTL instantly without coding. And the most popular WordPress link management plugin, BetterLinks can help you out in this case. 

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You can easily manage and track your marketing campaigns with the help of BetterLinks by configuring the UTM builder. You only need to provide the parameters; the UTM code will be inserted automatically. You don’t need to manually add your UTM code to your URL. You can follow your campaigns using Google Analytics if you have a UTM code.

Let’s give a quick look at how can you configure UTM builder with BetterLinks without coding:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard. From BetterLinks, create a new link or open a previously created link. From there, click on the ‘UTM’ from Target URL. It will directly take you to the UTM builder.

utm builder

2. Insert the details of your ‘Campaign’, ‘Medium’, ‘Source’, ‘Term’, ‘Content’, and other details to automatically configure UTM code for your link. Then hit the ‘Save Link’ button to add these parameters to your Target URL. 

Clicking the “Save New Template” button will allow you to save the settings if you have BetterLinks PRO. They may be used frequently, which saves a lot of time and improves accuracy.

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This is how easily you can configure UTM builder to your WordPress website and start tracking down marketing campaigns smoothly.

Bonus: Essential Marketing Metrics You Must Track 

UTM builders are not essential only for tracking down marketing campaigns, it’s an essential tool for affiliate marketers as well. But how to track down affiliate related activities with UTM builder? To do that you have to know the popular marketing metrics. And then track them down with the help of UTM builder. 

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Here’s the end of this article. Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to go for a UTM builder and start tracking all smoothly. If you find this post helpful, then don’t forget to share it with others and subscribe to our blog for more of these kinds of in-depth tutorials and all.

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