How To Create Affiliate Landing Pages That Convert 

For any digital marketing campaign, a high-converting landing page is essential to promote your products and drive sales. The same rule applies when you are using affiliate marketing strategies. In today’s tutorial, we are going to show you how to create affiliate landing pages that convert, with some effective tips and tricks.

Affiliate Landing Pages

When And How To Use Affiliate Landing Pages?

The first thing you should know before starting to create affiliate landing pages, are the purposes for which you are using them. Typically, there are two cases when you use affiliate landing pages. 

The first scenario when you are using affiliate landing pages can be if you are an affiliate marketer yourself, and you want your site visitors to purchase products with your affiliate links. In this situation, your goal is to boost your affiliate sales and commissions. 

Another scenario is when you want affiliates to sign up for your own affiliate program. In this case, your target is to increase registrations for your affiliate program and boost your sales through it. 

Whichever your purpose is, you can easily boost your conversion rates for affiliate landing pages with the right strategies. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create affiliate landing pages for both cases. 

How To Create An Affiliate Landing Page That Converts

Whether your affiliate landing page is designed for pushing site visitors to purchase products with affiliate links, or to encourage others to sign up for your affiliate program, some of the key principles for creating high-converting affiliate landing pages are the same. Let’s take a look below.

Attract Affiliates With Catchy, Engaging Headlines

The first thing your site visitors will see when they land on your affiliate landing page is the header section, as it is placed at the very top of your page. That’s why your header design must be attractive, engaging, and convey the main purpose of your landing page.

Affiliate Landing Page

There are several recommended practices for header and footer design. This includes ensuring that your header design is responsive, clean, and has simple, easy-to-read typography.

But that’s not all. In order to capture the attention of your site visitors from the very first instance, you must use engaging content in the header area. You can do this effectively by using power words to trigger your site visitors. 

Mention Benefits Early In Your Affiliate Landing Page

An eye-catching header is just the beginning of creating your affiliate landing page. To boost conversions, your site visitors need to have a clear idea of how they can benefit from your offering

Affiliate Landing Page

If your aim is to get others to sign up for your affiliate program, then your affiliate landing page needs to clearly highlight the benefits and values of joining your affiliate marketing program. 

Similarly, on the other hand, if your aim is to get others to purchase the products you are promoting using your affiliate marketing links, then you also need to highlight the benefits of the products you are promoting.

One important thing to remember here is that while you are mentioning the benefits, you should try to back it up with believable evidence so that site visitors see you as a credible and reliable source. 

Include Attractive, Compelling Call To Action Buttons

In order to boost conversions, you must have compelling Call-To-Action buttons placed strategically on your affiliate landing page. The key to doing this effectively is by making sure you have a clear Call-To-Action that your site visitors will want to respond to. This will help you improve your click-through-rates and grow your conversions.

For example, if you are an affiliate marketer who is promoting products, then not only do you have to design an attractive Call-To-Action button, but you must also make sure the content triggers site visitors to purchase with your affiliate links.

Similarly, when you want others to sign up for your affiliate program, the content in your Call-To-Action buttons should reflect that joining your affiliate program is a great opportunity that they do not want to miss out on.

Add Social Proof To Enhance Your Credibility

We mentioned earlier that credibility is important when creating affiliate landing pages that convert. And one very effective way to boost credibility is through social proof. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or you are trying to get sign ups for your affiliate program, sharing what others say about your brand on your affiliate landing page can help you enhance your credibility and grow your conversions. 

One of the easiest ways to add social proof to your affiliate landing page is by using NotificationX. This is a powerful WordPress marketing solution used by over 30,000 eCommerce businesses around the world. With this advanced plugin, you can display eye-catching notification alerts anywhere on your page whenever someone reviews your brand, purchases your products or comments on your content. 

By doing the above, you can easily create high-converting affiliate landing pages on your WordPress website and boost your affiliate commissions.

Did you know that every time you add and promote an affiliate link, you must include an affiliate link disclosure? It is a legal requirement for any marketer, so make sure to learn more about it in our detailed guide to affiliate link disclosures here.

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