Top 5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For 2023 (Compared)

Moving an entire WordPress website is now super easy with the best WordPress migration plugins in 2023. Though hundreds of migration plugins are available on the WordPress plugin market, stick with this insightful article to know about the best five. 

WordPress Migration Plugins

When Should You Migrate WordPress Website?

WordPress migration is the entire procedure of moving a WordPress website from one server to another server without impacting its functionality. There can be many reasons for doing so. Such as:

👉 Moving to a better hosting provider

👉 Avoiding performance issues or lack of features

👉 Making a local WordPress site to a live server

👉 Transferring a site from a subdomain to the main directory

How Do WordPress Migration Plugins Work? 

For WordPress site migration, there are lots of plugins available on the market. These plugins are the easiest solution to move websites from one server to another. Without a quick migration tool, you may have trouble cloning the website. 

Good migration plugins with user-friendly interfaces can make the task of website migration super easy with a one-click migration button. These plugins download files from your site and then transfer all of them from tables to media files, and themes to your entire database of users. 

WordPress Migration Plugins

Generally, these WordPress migration plugins have many advanced features. One of them is integration with third-party cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc to store backup files. 

Best 5 Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins

Choosing a WordPress migration plugin is one of the most important things. You have to keep many things in mind such as the size of your site, features of plugins, tool costs, etc. Let’s have a look below at the best 5 powerful WordPress migration plugins. 

1. BlogVault 

WordPress Migration Plugins

BlogVault is one of the best WordPress migration plugins. Besides easy site migration, it has the best WordPress backup solution that allows backups to run on their own server to avoid slowing down your website. One of the amazing features is they have special plans for eCommerce sites using WooCommerce.

This popular WordPress backup and security plugin have many security features such as a firewall, malware scanning, malware removal, etc. Besides the free version with primary features, it has premium plans starting from $7.40/month that come with more security features. With 152 total ratings, it has 90,000+ active installations.

2. All-in-One WP Migration

WordPress Migration Plugins

One of the most popular WordPress migration plugins is All-in-One WP Migration. It is a very impressive tool for migration and comes with a wonderful interface. It provides a drag and drop interface for uploading your site to a new location. 

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin avoids some of the upload size restrictions on WordPress. Though it is open-source software, its PRO version is available for $69/lifetime which includes some exclusive features like excluding files, restoring backups, working with WP CLI commands, etc.

This plugin works so well that anyone can easily work with it without any technical knowledge. This can be one of the major reasons for getting 4+ million active installations along with 6,941 total ratings and great reviews. 

3. Duplicator 

WordPress Migration Plugins

Currently, Duplicator is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress site migration. It provides a very simple interface with several easy steps so that you can easily move your entire site from one server to another. You can even take a live site and drag it into a local domain for additional development. 

This one of the easiest migration tools offers many features for moving and cloning. You can do more than migrate an entire website with this plugin. And that’s why, besides having 3,516 total ratings, the Duplicator plugin has 1+ million active installations. 

This super handy plugin has a completely free version including many primary features. Also, its PRO version has a personal license for $59. You can upgrade your free version to premium for more functionality like scheduled backups, cloud storage, email notifications, etc.

4. Migrate Guru 

WordPress Migration Plugins

Being a one-click migration plugin, Migrate Guru is one of the faster solutions for WordPress site migration. It has some advantages when it comes to multisite and the size of the files. The plugin manages to facilitate the migration process, even if you have a large multisite network. In addition, sites with a size of up to 200 GB are transferable.

Migrate Guru is a very neat plugin including a simple work process. Though it doesn’t have any features for backing up a site, it is still very popular and useful. It has 70,000+ active installations with 926 total ratings. It is a completely free plugin so you don’t need to worry about upgrading to the PRO version. 

5. BackupBuddy 

WordPress Migration Plugins

Last but not least, BackupBuddy is also a very popular WordPress migration plugin. It comes with exclusive features like moving your WordPress website, restoring site files, backup support, etc. You can also change the domain and replace URLs in just one step.

BackupBuddy is a completely premium plugin. It doesn’t have any free version available in the market. It has three PRO plans starting from $52 which lets you implement the plugin on one website only. If you want to spend more money on it, then you can avail the $83 plan for 10 sites, and the $130 plan for unlimited sites. You get the best customer support since you are paying for it.

Choose One For Your WordPress Site Migration

Well, after reading this article, you might get an idea about the WordPress migration plugin. Hope you can choose one from this list and will get the best service while migrating your website. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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